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past events at a glance

Bright Raven! (2019-2021)

ONCA Gallery, Brighton Fringe, May 2019 / Cockpit Theatre, London, May 2019 / online as podcast

stuck (2015-18)

Arts Council of England funded/ Staging Places, Victoria & Albert Museum, 2019-20/ ONCA, Brighton, July 2018/ Prague Fringe, May 2018/ Aesthetica Art Prize, ‘Future Now Publication’, 2018/ Hackney Showroom, July 2017/ Buxton Fringe, July 2017/ VOILA Festival, November 2017/ Pleasance Theatre ArtCop21 2015/ Iceland Residency, Fljostunga Eco-Farm 2015

The Three (2017)

CoLab Theatre, April 2017

Eco-Smackdown (2016)

BAC Freshly Scratched, July 2016

Hysterical (2016)

Stories of Being, Platform Southwark 2016 / Brighton Fringe Festival, Warren Theatre 2016 / Street Performance Fringe City 2016/  VAULT festival, London 2016 / Wrap-Around: The Art of Hysteria, Clown Workshop, VAULT festival 2016/ The Art of Hysteria, Forum on Theatre and Mental Health, VAULT festival 2016

Climate Change Theatre Action (2015)

The Butterfly Club, ArtCop21 2015/ Dights Falls, ArtCop21 2015/ Union Theatre Melbourne University ArtCop21 2015 / Perception Festival, Interrobang, Omnibus Clapham 2015

Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone (2015)

VAULT festival 2015

The Lonely Room (2014-2018)

Arts Council of England funded / 8th Theatre Olympics, India, March 2018/ Mimesis Festival, Paris 2015/ Mimetic Festival, The Vaults, 2014/ Blue Elephant Theatre, 2014

Tack-On Tours The Ugliest Buildings in London (2014-15)

London Festival of Architecture, 2014- 2015 / In Transit Festival, 2014

Monologue for a Shy Person (2014)

Cockpit Theatre 2014