Journey into stuck

In September 2015, HOAX were invited to Fljotstunga Eco-Farm, Iceland to begin investigating a new work. The task was to respond to our changing climate using Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth as the narrative catalyst. There we unpicked saga, epic and melodramatic modes and employed elemental interaction, clown, relocation and physical improvisation with found objects in our effort to find form. After presenting a short scratch at the Pleasance London with ArtCop21 /Culture and Ecology Network and co-producing a series of play readings in Australia as part of the Climate Change Theatre Action, we have continued to mine cultural narratives surrounding ecological crisis.

stuck has emerged as a performance-text that does not prescribe or fixate on ‘one way’ but rather represents the crisis of the climate change narrative. Since leaving Verne behind, we’ve dialogued with Braidotti’s theory on post-humanism, Wagner’s position on ‘Man’s Relationship to Art and Nature’ and watched with increasing detail and horror real-time global negotiations. Running in tandem to our exploration, Andrea Carr, scenographer has been digging the potential of found festival materials and transforming them into corroborating structures.