stuck, Andrea Carr/designer profile for Staging Places @ V&A

We made this video with STUCK’s designer Andrea Carr talking about her process for Staging Places at the V&A, London UK.

The exhibition runs Tuesday, 23 July 2019 – Sunday, 29 March 2020.

Staging Places celebrates the diversity of British performance design across spaces and genres. This display, in collaboration with the Society of British Theatre Designers, presents costumes, set designs, models, photos, drawings and puppets that reveal the creative process behind designing for performance.

DIRECTOR/ Lucy Hopkins DEVISING ACTORS/ Ayesha Tansey, Flavia Bertram, Sabrina Manac’h DESIGNER/ Andrea Carr COSTUME FABRICATION / Balbina Garcia SET FABRICATION ASSISTANTS / Flavia Bertram & Avninder Nanray SOUNDSCAPE DESIGN/ Lawrence Kendrick & Lucy Claire MOVEMENT ASSOCIATE/ Jillian Wallis SUPPORT/  Richard Pettifer, Sarah Fraser