Note of Intention

This project was conceived as a means by to engage with Lucy Neal’s statement:
“If we can’t imagine a positive future, how on earth could we possibly create one?”
And so, I looked back in time to the myths of societies that did not operate within an capitalist framework. As the piece develops, I’ve begun to see that looking elsewhere can only take you so far. And I ask, “How do we envision The Future unencumbered by what we ‘know’ and our habitual patterns of imagining?” It’s a next to impossible task. We would have to hit erase, cleanse our minds.

What we need is a-good-old-fashioned rite of passage! A collective washing of our brains! A shake up for these turbulent times!  Enter: 

 Bright Raven! She’s back. to. stir. some. sh*****t up. She’s starting a revolution and she wants YOU to opt  in.

Psst, but it’s not really a cult…  …well kind of… …but…  ….not ‘THAT’ kind of cult… ..

Why Bright Raven!?

‘Bright raven’ is the meaning behind my last name. I was curious about this image and  I discovered that ravens across seemingly disconnected world cultures were – without exception – messengers, tricksters and ‘world-bridgers’. This seemed *conveniently* connected to my current preoccupation: communication, play and the relationship between the untamed natural world and the patriarchal-technologized-capitalist one in which most of us spend our time. It became clear to me that a raven was an ideal guide for a fun theatrical conversation about our relationship to the way we imagine the future.

(Confession: I also really liked industrial metal when I was a teenager and there might be a *slight* penchant for the over-the-top that made this idea stick.)

Work To Date/

Currently devising and writing with ‘All In’ clowning director Stephen Sobal and guided by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, Bright Raven! draws on clowning techniques, initiation processes and voice looping/playback technologies in order to position the audience as unwitting recruits to a ‘Timeless World Order’.

Audience interaction is central to this piece and we have until this date, established its overall structure, written key scenes and mapped out the audience’s journey. We are now beginning to tease out each scene/game at a performative level. This will involve collaboration with and support from other awesome creatives, including (in alphabetical order): Anna Helena McLean (collaborator on “Incantation”), Lawrence Kendrick (digital music and sound) and Sarah Fraser (text).


Work In Progress & Mission Life Force Fundraiser @Blue Elephant Theatre, Nov 15, 2018




SPECIAL THANKS/ Ayesha Tansey, Jillian Wallis, Mary Lowery, Avninder Nanray