Bright Raven! She’s back. to. stir. th****ngs up. She’s starting a mystic revolution and she wants YOU to join in. (Psst,  it’s not *really* a cult…  …well kind of… …but…  ….not *THAT* kind of cult… )


Born from a need to lay doomsday dreaming to rest, Bright Raven! is an interactive theatre-rite performed by one mystical being in collaboration with an audience, accompanied by an electronic soundscape played on a Launchpad mini. Catalysed by Lucy Neal’s statement, “If we can’t imagine a positive future, how on earth could we possibly create one?”  and Joanna Macy’s ‘The Work That Reconnects’ and guided by Joseph Campbell’s ‘The Hero’s Journey’, this comedic piece seeks to open imaginative pathways – for the creators and audience alike – to new future narratives and speculative fictions. 

“There’s nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.”   -Octavia Butler

During our first period of research and development, we’ve sought new visions of the future unencumbered by what we ‘know’ and habitual patterns of creation. But this is a next to impossible task… We would have to hit erase… cleanse our minds…. collectively wash our brains…

What we need is a rite of passage! A shake up for these turbulent times!  And, so in response we offer Bright Raven! a mystical-cult clown ritual that questions the trust placed in the stories we tell and our role in realising them.



Audience interaction is central to this piece and Stephen Sobal (devising director) and HOAX’s Flavia Bertram (devising performer) have to this date, established its overall structure, written the scenes and mapped out the audience’s journey. We are now beginning to tease out each scene/game at a performative level. This will involve collaboration with and support from other exciting creatives, including (in alphabetical order): Anna Helena McLean (collaborator on “Incantation”), Lawrence Kendrick (digital music and sound) and Sarah Fraser (text).

Why Bright Raven!?  ‘Bright raven’ is the meaning behind the Bertram name. I was curious about this image and I discovered that ravens across seemingly disconnected world cultures were – without exception – messengers, tricksters and ‘world-bridgers’. It was clear, that a raven was an ideal guide for a fun theatrical conversation about our relationship to the way we talk about the future.





SPECIAL THANKS/ Ayesha Tansey, Jillian Wallis, Mary Lowery, Avninder Nanray