You can’t put Bright Raven in a pigeon hole… mind-bending…very funny!” – Fringe Guru
“ An alternative therapy session … a meditative visualisation … carries us through a fantastical journey and transformation into Bright Raven.” Spy in the stalls

Bright Raven. She’s here to stir things up. She’s starting a cult-clown-creature revolution. A shake up for these turbulent times. A storm in teacup. A collective washing of the brain.
And she wants YOU to join. Accompanied by a live electronic soundscape, performed by HOAX’s Flavia Bertram made with director Stephen Sobal (ALL IN), Bright Raven is a comedic induction into a NEW WORLD ORDER.***(Terms and conditions may apply.)

Devising Actor/ Flavia Bertram
Devising Director/ Stephen Sobal
Sound and Costume Design/ Flavia Bertram

May 14-18, 2019 / O N C A Gallery @ Brighton Fringe
May 4th, 2019 / The Cat’s Back @ Wandsworth Fringe
November 15th, 2018/ Bright Raven! and Friends @ Blue Elephant Theatre in support of Mission Life Force
November 18th, 2018/ Theatre in the Pound @ Cockpit Theatre



SPECIAL THANKS/ Ayesha Tansey, Sarah Fraser,  Jillian Wallis, Anna Helena McLean, Lawrence Kendrick, Kasia Rucinska, Mary Lowery, Avninder Nanray