They are connected and separate. They have memory and dreams. They have each other. They are also alone.  It smells like wet earth. It tastes like something just died. The music is metal in your mouth, refined. Sometimes it’s funny. They are women – did I say that? I didn’t because it’s not important. But maybe it is.

Don your frontiersman’s helmet for this comedic journey to the black heart of the earth’s ecological crisis. There you will see uncanny landscapes, Norman cows, and perhaps, if you are lucky, you may just meet three women from far flung countries who are stuck. in the muck. WTF. Watch as competing political agendas paralyse and liberate them in turn and ever-changing information gives way to hybrid forms and cosmic foul play. Part art installation, part immersive Absurdist theatre ‘stuck’ uses clown, rhetoric and soft sculpture to examine cultural entrenchment around climate change.

Read about the project’s development here.

PERFORMANCES/ July 12 – 14th, 2017 @ Buxton Fringe / August 20-26 @ Aurillac Street Festival, France

DEVELOPMENT PERFORMANCES/ September 22nd, 2016 @ Bathways Theatre Network & September 23/24, 2016 @ UnScene 199 Theatre and Performance Festival / October 9th, 2015 @ The Pleasance Islington


AYESHA TANSEY and FLAVIA BERTRAM of HOAX are joined by a group of stellar theatre makers.

LUCY HOPKINS/ Director /

SABRINA MANAC’H / Devising actor /

ANDREA CARR / Designer /


RICHARD PETTIFER/ Questionner, Interrogator /



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MANY THANKS / Lucy Claire/ Duncan E Robertson/ Sabrina Manac’h/ Emmanuel Strauss/ Cassandra Fumi/ Nikki S Thomas/ Autumn Tansey/ Barney Harrison/ Vanessa Hammick/ Joanna Wilson/ TOJ Tansey/ Lawrence Kendrick/ Lisa Woynarski/ Sofi Lee Henson/ SJ Fraser/ Bryony Thomas/ Zach Dunbar/ JP Beaud/ Carol Gorenko/ Krysta Dennis /Sue Tansey/ Sam Tansey / Jana Obermueller / Michael Butler/ Mary Lowery/ Robert E Bertram/ Sarah P Johnson/ Hillary & Geoff/ Amshala/ Tanja Beer/ Peter J Lowery/ Velan Taniga/Kristoffer C Huball