Fresh, demanding, and brilliantly subversive…theatre that runs and slams itself against the limits of convention

★★★★ “This show is funny, it is poignant, it is theatre daring to say something important. It criticises and lampoons some of the absurd realities that surround us all. Go and see this play.”  – Londonist

Clear-eyed director Nathalie Adlam, and her four-strong cast – Ayesha Tansey, Nadege Adlam, Sarah Fraser and Norma Butikofer [are] alternately funny, unfunny, past control and deeply affecting.”

★★★★  “a punk grandeur – scattering, bamboozling, then stark, plain and pained” –

Beautifully brutal…hits you like a freight train – Alan Franks





Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone is a suite of dystopian parables nailing the collective unease of the Greater North / Middle West / FiniteEverywhereLand.

1. They Shoot Ponies, Don’t They: A girl grows up to become what she always wanted to be, a horse.

2. The Shepherdess & the Saviour, Beauty Queens: Two Miss Worlds promise you peace (of mind).

3. From Earth: Why bureaucrats best not read Logan’s Run.

4. “The Jack the Ripper Experience”: A distillation of pop-rape culture trade, with a chaser.

5. Please Don’t Talk About Me: Let’s not ruin the ending.

PERFORMANCES/ 11-15 February, 2015 @ 6:30pm, Vault Festival


Script Writer/  Tobias Manderson-Galvin

Cast/ Nadège Adlam, Norma Butikofer, Sarah Fraser and Ayesha Tansey

Director/ Nathalie Adlam

Producers/ Sarah Fraser and AyeshaTansey of HOAX

Co-produced/ Les Foules & MKA

Designer/ Manuela Harding

Sound Trailers and Production/ Lawrence Kendrick

Stage Manager/ Cassandra Fumi

Lighting Design/ Sarah Crocker

Special thanks to Michael Harrison, Simon Bower, Ian Jones, Flavia Bertram, Isabelle Mason, The National Theatre, The Adam and Eve, The North London Tavern and Peter Wiedmann.


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