‘You can’t change nature darling.’

Strap on your inflatable safety device to meet three fates who are caught between their memories, fantasies and present day predicament. Laugh as they become increasingly stuck. In the muck. WTF?! Part art-installation, part absurdist theatre, stuck uses clown, rhetoric and soft sculpture to examine our cultural paralysis around our changing climate. Devised with clown-director Lucy Hopkins and eco-scenographer Andrea Carr, ‘stuck’ is a hilarious exposé of the end of the world as we know it.

DIRECTOR/ Lucy Hopkins
DEVISING ACTORS/ Ayesha Tansey, Flavia Bertram, Sabrina Manac’h
DESIGNER/ Andrea Carr
SOUNDSCAPE DESIGN/ Lawrence Kendrick & Lucy Claire
OUTSIDE EYE/ Jillian E. Wallis

SUPPORT/  Richard Pettifer 

Aurillac Festival 2018/ Prague Fringe 2018/ VOILA Festival 2017/ Buxton Fringe 2017 / Bathway Theatre Network 2016 / UnScene 199 Theatre and Performance Festival 2016/ Pleasance Islington (R&D) 2015


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MANY THANKS/  Lucy Claire/ Duncan E Robertson/ Sabrina Manac’h/ Emmanuel Strauss/ Cassandra Fumi/ Nikki S Thomas/ Autumn Tansey/ Barney Harrison/ Vanessa Hammick/ Joanna Wilson/ TOJ Tansey/ Lawrence Kendrick/ Lisa Woynarski/ Sofi Lee Henson/ SJ Fraser/ Bryony Thomas/ Zach Dunbar/ JP Beaud/ Carol Gorenko/ Krysta Dennis /Sue Tansey/ Sam Tansey / Jana Obermueller / Michael Butler/ Mary Lowery/ Robert E Bertram/ Sarah P Johnson/ Hillary & Geoff/ Amshala/ Tanja Beer/ Peter J Lowery/ Velan Taniga/Kristoffer C Huball